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Three Good Reasons to consider buying pre-1965 silver coins.


Three Good Reasons to consider buying pre-1965 silver coins.


(Provided by Jerry D. Young)


There are three reasons to buy pre-1965 US silver coins.  As an investment, as a hedge, or for survival purposes.


As an investment, silver, whether it be pre-1965 US coins, silver rounds, or .999 pure silver bars in various denominations, is brought with the intention to sell at some future time for a profit.  If this is your intent, I suggest you talk to an investment counselor.  There are risks involved.  Investments are beyond the scope of this article.


As a hedge, silver is bought to hold equivalent wealth.  You might buy it at $5.00 an ounce.  Then, with inflation, when prices skyrocket, you could sell it, for say $50.00 an ounce.  Unfortunately, that $50.00 now buys only what the $5.00 purchase price would have bought at the time of purchase.  You really have not gained much, if anything.  But you have held value.  Prices tend to go up faster then wages.  Silver is a way to provide some protection from this.


As part of a person’s survival preparations, silver, particularly pre-1965 US dimes, comes into its own.  There are disadvantages, as well as advantages to adding silver dimes to your emergency preparation goods.


First, some disadvantages.  You can’t eat it.  It won’t keep you warm when it is cold, or cool when it is hot.  It won’t keep the rain, snow, or sun off your head.  It is pretty much can’t do anything except be a medium of exchange if other money becomes worthless.  Mostly because you can’t eat it, ect.


Now, for some advantages.  Silver dimes are easily recognized for what they are.  They have a minimum known value, their face value, ten cents.  No matter their actual value available, making trades easier for small items or small quantities.


Many people will be willing to use what was once regular money, with some intrinsic value, as money again.  I must say, that, as stated above, there will be people that won’t accept them in trade.  It is my belief, that after things calm down in a situation where paper money and electronic money becomes unstable, that something will become money.  That something will most likely be silver coins for small and medium exchanges, and gold coins for larger exchanges.


Pre-1965 US coins are available through most coin shops and through the internet.  They are generally priced at silver spot prices plus a premium.  The premium is lower of you buy a $1,000.00 face value bag than if you buy a single roll.


What will a silver dime buy in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event?  I don’t know.  In a story I wrote that a silver dime was worth a meal.  A silver quarter was worth three meals or an hours work. 

(Jerry’s stories can be found at I believe that one of the stories called “Percy’s Mission”)



I don’t know what the reality will be.  I just know that they have a place in my emergency plans.


Should you put your total emergency preparedness budget into silver dimes?  Of course not.  Silver dimes are only part of a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan.


Please remember that this article is only one person’s opinion.  Acquire others and come to the decision that is best for you.



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