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Barter List of tradesmen skills and tools


Barter List of tradesmen skills and tools

Provided by Jerry D. Young, minor edit by eeyore)


Here are some examples of Tradesman’s Tools that could be stockpiled and either used and the product/service bartered, or their USE bartered out. One wouldn’t barter away the tools that bring in the food.

Tailor/Seamstress tools

Sewing machine Serger (Juki makes a good heavy duty, making it possible to sew leather and canvas)

Sewing basket (needles, thimbles, thread, measuring tape, seam ripper, scissors, shears, marking chalk, straight edge, pins, neck magnifying glass, etc.) bolts of cloth, patterns, spare needles, pins, chalk, thread, buttons, zippers, snaps, etc)
Treadle type sewing machine (a different plus)


Cobbler/shoe maker’s tools

1,000 watt generator (with the fuel to run it, also use Pri fuel treatment)

Barbers tools

scissors, combs, hair brushes, dusting brush, broom, dust pan, chair,
neck apron, razor, shaving cup, shaving soap, towels

Ammunition reloader’s tools

Dillion progressive tool w/primary caliber dies. RCBS press with common caliber dies
Bullet casting equipment (with fishing sinker molds and rifle, pistol, and shotgun slug bullet molds)  Gas checks for the rifle bullets you cast
Lead (antimony and tin)


Black powder making tools & screens

Laundry tools

Staber washing machine
laundry soap
bleach (see the article about fabricating bleach)
clothes lines w/poles, stakes & clothes pins
water heater (kettle w/tripod)
water tank
12v pump & battery
drain line
James washer w/wringer
2+ washtubs

1,000 watt generator (with the fuel to run it, also use Pri fuel treatment)

Entertainment tools

band instruments  (non electric)
projection TV
TV projector
Lap-top computer
DVD disk player
VHS tape player
Karaoke machine w/cd-g’s
Lighting system
Sound system

Board games

Card games

1,500 watt generator (with the fuel to run it, also use Pri fuel treatment)

Knife/edged tool sharpening tools
Printer’s/newspaper publisher’s tools
Butcher/meat cutter’s tools

meat processors tools (sausage, etc.)

Tanner’s tools
Milk processors tools (cheese, yogurt, etc.)
Baker’s tools, recipes & supplies
Bath house/shower room tools

Candle maker’s tools & supplies
Gardener’s tools (books “Gardening when it Counts”  see review on STN Website)
Mechanic’s tools
Machinist’s tools
Blacksmith’s tools
Plumber’s tools

Electrician’s tools
Carpenter’s tools

Roofer’s tools
Stonemason’s tools
(Ken Kerns books)
Primitive building tools
Soap maker’s tools
Brewer/wine maker’s tools
Distillery tools
Miller’s tools
Spinner & weaver’s tools
(looms and supplies)
Teaching tools and supplies K-12 (encyclopedias, dictionaries, paper pencil and books)
Smelter/foundry/metal worker’s tools
Papermaking tools

Rope, cordage, and net making tools
Millwright’s tools

Farm tools (prepare, sow, cultivate, harvest)

Veterinary supplies, books and knowledge

Animal care tools Sheep sheering tools, hoof care, banding tools


Go to place like ‘Williamsburg Va.  That provide hands on demonstration for valuable experience of first hand knowledge you can gain from seeing how the tools are used and you can see what tools are needed and see items being put together.  Going to museum and see the tools that were used in the past.  A great book on the subject is called “Forgotten Crafts” by John Seymour.