Money Wise

Barter will Happen


Barter will happen.

(Provided by Jerry D. Young)


Just like any other transaction, whether barter or trade of specific goods, payment by paper money, hard money, or some other form of currency is involved, some people will accept the terms of the exchange and some will not.  If the price is too high or too low, depending on which end of the deal you are on, no transaction will take place.


When it comes to money, it is a matter of trust.  Do you trust the individual to have the real thing, and do you trust that someone else will take it in future trade.  Because some will, I will have some gold and silver.  Because some won’t, I plan to have trade goods, also.


I’m not too concerned about there being a lot of counterfeit gold and silver out there in the aftermath of a disaster.  If the economy becomes standardized on hard money again, then yes, there will undoubtedly be counterfeiting going on.  Always has been, always will be. I’ve received counterfeit bills before, so I know the risk is there.  I just consider it a small risk, then and in the future.


If this is a concern for you, you might want to read this article provided by 230gr you can find it at


I will judge each exchange on an individual basis and decided which form of payment I’m willing to make or accept.  The other party will have to make the same determination.


Some people on the other hand think the common currency will be ammunition.  Then there are about as many other opinions as there are others.  I believe, that since people recognize the fact that gold and silver coins circulated in the past as relatively stable money, that when (maybe if, but more likely when) paper money loses value, they will go back to recognizable gold and silver coinage.


I do think people will trust the pre-1965 silver coins and the newly minted Gold Eagles of various denominations.  The Gold Eagles have a dollar value and gold content on them, so it will make it easy to do transactions.  I think people will go the easy route and use them.


Again, this is just one person’s opinion.  I value other points of view.  Makes me think.  I actually sometimes change my opinion.  Rarely.  I’m from Missouri originally and you definitely have to “Show Me”.