Money Wise

Our US Debt Burden


I'm not an economist.  But anyone should be able to see from the amount of money we owe this Country can not continue to stay on it' spending pathway.
According to  We (as a Nation) owe as of 7/22/07 almost 9 Trillion dollars and yes that is with a T.  Can you image that number?  How about if i put it this way, Every single man woman and child in America that is a citizen owes $29,427.82 each.
So it is 9 Trillion, big deal we have been doing it for years.  No we have not i remember not to long ago that it was a trillion, it is going up exponentially now.
So how much is a trillion?  If you spend 1 dollar a day for a year you would spend 300 dollars a year.  It is really 365 but for demonstration purpose it works better.  So if you spend one thousand  dollars a day for a year, how much will that be?    It would be 300 hundred grand.  Ok so what about 10 grand a day, you hit the three million dollars.  So what about a million a day for a year?  300 million.  So how much would you have to spend a day to get to the 9 million target?  You would have to spend ?  You would need to spend 30 million a day for a year to get to 9 trillion dollars.
Just remember that they got that far in debt, after spending everything that they take in in taxes.  Plus this is the scary part, they have a lot of unfunded debt.  These are called entitlements and Social security, medicare, unfunded Federal pensions  and medicaid.  When you add all that stuff up it is more like 72 Trillion.  We are in a heap of debt my friends.