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Blackouts of New York City compared


It was evening rush hour on November 9, 1965. The power lines from Niagra Falls to New York City were operating near their maximum capacity. At about 5:15 a transmission line relay failed. Now there was insufficient line capacity for New York City. New England and New York are inter-connected on a power grid, and the power that had been flowing toward New York City had to go elswhere, instantly.
From what i have read there was no rioting and no amount of looting that happened in that Blackout.  Compared to the one in 1977.

The New York City Blackout of 1977 was a blackout that affected New York City on July 13 - July 14, 1977.

Unlike other blackouts that affected the region, namely the Northeast Blackout of 1965 and the 2003 North America blackout, the 1977 blackout was localized to New York City and the immediate surroundings and resulted in city-wide looting and other disorder, including arson.