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Please understand, this is a page in progress, until something happens, this page will be updated with more information.  Please check back.
You need to gather information.  I had a friend tell me once that "Any solution to a problem becomes apparent when you have gathered enough information about the subject".  My friend worked as a trouble shooter for a very large phone company. 
Next you need to act on that information.  It sounds pretty simple and in someways it is.  You need to decide just how far you are willing to go, i mean figuratively and physically, to keep you and your family safe.
What this page will do is give you opinions of people and what they think.  But it is ultimately up to you, you are responsible for you and yours.  Also it is  important how you go about doing it.  You will have to answer that question for you self. 

Go to this Forum, i personally believe it is the best one out there.  Yes i'm a part of it.  It has a wealth of good information.  You can ask questions, you can see people answer them.  It has gathered probably the finest group of people from all walks of life.
This is a short articlle following a theme you will find here about surivivng in a urban area.

Surviving Urban collaspe

The following is article written by Buckshot about setting up an austere retreat, but very simple and useful information about how you can set up a camp cheaply, it will get you out of the main lanes of travel, it will keep you safer. 

Stocking a Retreat